Posted by: Emma C | April 25, 2009

Creative brainstorming and visual elements design

It was an exciting project! A multi-touch screen brings a whole new interactive experience. When we were assigned  RCI as our fake client, it brought up the question of how to bring this technology to the mass market. Social network and visual concierge system were two ideas we came up with, and we ended up combining both ideas into one.

Surface as a multitouch product, could easily bring up the concept of high-end and modern technology. Meanwhile Surface itself emphasizes on the feature of being intuitive, simple and clean, so we can hardly have complex graphic on the screen. Most of the surface application has neat and clean outlay design with cold color that temps to give the feeling of high tech. On the other hand, RCI as a cruise line, they use bright and warm color, with natural-oriented pictures that convey the idea of casual lifestyle, joyfulness and relaxing moment. At this point, it’s kind of a challenge to maintain features for these two different concepts. Finally we made our design decision to maintain the simplicity of user interface but the richness of color range.


The idea is to attract users to touch the screen! Coral reef with colorful fishes can really catch people’s attention. When user touches the screen with fingers, it mimics the ripple of water. Such interactive features differentiate the feature of Surface from regular website.

Index page-

Instead of the regular navigation bar, ship wheel not only arouse people’s curiosity but also harmonious with the impressions of cruise. It is also intuitive to play with.

Ship info page-

Referred to the Nation of Why Not of Royal Caribbean International, I choose the color tone and graphic style to maintain our design consistent with their brand image.

Issues of dealing with huge amount of information-

As users need to hold on both sides of the images to open the window and get information, every windows need to have a focusing area designed to convey clear ideas and give users visual impression.

It was a very good experience working on this developing the mock-up for a management system. I learnt a lot about information architecture, user-centered interface design and the process of creative thinking.


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