Posted by: salpy | April 24, 2009

Client Proposal for RCI Community

Royal Caribbean International (RCI) Community

To integrate an online RCI Community with a shipboard bulletin board system so that RCI guests can meet, mingle, and continue friendships post-cruise.

The surface would serve as a bulletin board system (BBS) that would allow guests to create or join event lists and indicate if they would like companionship. For example, families may want to arrange play dates for their children. The BBS would serve as a shipboard extension to the RCI Community online site – a Facebook like application that extends the current “Nation of Why Not” Citizen’s site of RCI.

A shipboard BBS that allows RCI guests to find activity partners and create group events.


  • Ability to browse through activities or events on the ship and post messages such as “partner wanted for tennis match”.
  • Ability to create group events (e.g. discussion group to discuss the day’s shows).
  • Ability to place the RCI cruise card* on the surface to bring up saved BBS posting areas or to recommend BBS posts that suit interests that were preloaded onto the card (based on the guests’ RCI Community site profile).

*Currently RCI guests receive a cruise card they can use for onboard purchases. Adding an RFID tag would enable usage with Microsoft Surface.

RCI Community Online Site
A Facebook like online community site for RCI cruise guests or future guests that allows users to post reviews of cruises, set up activity interests, and allow guests to load activity preferences onto their cruise card if they have an upcoming cruise.


  • RCI cruise guests can create profiles on the site where they could post pictures and reviews of their cruises.
  • Ability to select their favourite activities/events during their cruise.
  • Ability to set up a hobbies/interests area that would generate recommended activities for their cruise.
  • Ability to create and join partnerships or groups for the cruise ahead of cruise time.
  • Ability to choose whether to download activity preferences and group/partnership memberships onto the RCI cruise card for upcoming cruises.

BBS: When on a cruise, the people you went with may not be interested in the same activities you are. To take full advantage of the enormous amount of activities and recreational facilities available shipboard, it makes sense to implement a system which helps guests find activity partners. With the varied nature of RCI guests – families, young couples, singles, older individuals – and guest capacities of 3500-4000, meeting people on board who share the same interests can be difficult. By providing a shipboard BBS system that integrates with a guest’s online profile, guests interested in the same activities can easily arrange to meet and even set up group events. By using Microsoft Surface to provide a BBS, guests can interact with postings naturally and intuitively and use their RCI card to narrow down postings to their interests and provide recommendations.

RCI Online Community Site: The online community site would provide for ongoing connections between cruise guests and allow for individuals thinking of taking an RCI cruise to browse reviews and recommendations. The site would be an extension of RCI’s current “Nation of Why Not” Citizen’s site, changing it from a cruise testimonial site to a full featured tool that allows cruise guests to stay in touch, customize their RCI card for shipboard use, and set up meetings with event partners and groups ahead of cruise time.
The RCI Community would help promote ongoing brand loyalty and further promote RCI’s feel of the “Nation of Why Not” community. By promoting how easy it is to find activity partners and set up group events, RCI could reassure its guests that there’s always someone with whom to enjoy all that RCI ships have to offer.


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