Posted by: ingridzhao | April 15, 2009

Developer’s Entry

In this term’s IMM program, Infusion Development is my group’s client. We were required to come up a business solution for Microsoft Surface. Our mock up client is Royal Caribbean International. After hours of research and discussion, we decided to create a virtual concierge site.

The key feature of the site are:

§ Ship map

§ Ship Info

§ Ports of call

§ BBS(message center)

§ Itinerary

§ Excursion/On Board service and events info and booking

To imitate the key functions in MS Surface the application should be able to

Screensaver to attract the attention of the people passing by

We made an undersea scene with fishes moving around, and mouse triggered water ripples

Accessing from different directions

We created ship wheel to be our main navigation component

Object reorganization

We put dummy RCI card to simulate the real card putting on the surface

Moving things around, scaling and rotating

Each feature above will show in different popup windows

I am the programmer of this project. I made totally sixteen classed. The most important one is a custom window class since all the popup windows will extend from it.

Common Assets

TopBar MovieClip

Moving windows around

Transform Button

Scaling and rotating

Close Button

Common Functions

Flying in from different directions

Mouse over glowing effect

Click to bring to the top

The other key class is the window factory class. The window factory class is a static class, it check whether the window is already on the stage, if yes, bring it to the front, otherwise creates the right one.

During the production, I have two changelings, xml and flash datagrid component. Xml don’t have the sorting function, so I have to put the node of XML into an Array first, sort it, then put it back to XML. And it’s kind of tricky to sent the xml to PHP from flash, then save it to local disk. What’s more, I have to manually assign the modify permission to the internet guest account, there are not much information on the internet so it took me a really long time to do it. For the flash datagrid component, I spend lots of time to customized it, but finally gave up because:

Very difficult to styling

Row shares the same height(with multiline)

Not easy to put buttons in the cell

No mouse over tooltips

So I have to make my own datagrid component. Structure as follows:


Base cell for the datagrid


Composite by MultilineCells, images, buttons etc


Extends Row, has mouse over to show descriptions


Composite by MultilineCells


Composite by Row or InteractiveRow

Overall, I really enjoy the project, I learned a lot from it. Although it’s only a demo project, I think it would be a good piece of work in my portfolio.

Here, I also want to thank Salpy for all the research and documents and help me to do the bbs and message center. And Siewling and Emma for all the graphics. Good work, team!


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